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BS Part 3!:
Laser Timed? NO US College on any Sr. Day Laser times!
They don't care, laser, hand held, FILM IT, add it to your recruiting film and send it out. Save your money! $600 US so one or two Canadians MAY OR MAY NOT get some promotion! WTF!!!
AND Grassroots don't get me started... They PROMOTE some kid to a youth Bowl in the states? Is this kid an unbelievable athlete? The BEST ball player in Ontario? NO, he's a guy that they have latched onto and he's the best they have in their "stable".

You see Grassroots is trying to "herd" young football players into their own stable so they can make money through FBU and other US schools.

Look at their website... They played a big role in getting Daniel Heslop to Savannah State? HOW? Licking the stamps as he stuck them on his recruiting packages?

Get real, Grassroots is just another fly by night outfit. "Hey we have a website! Hey we got this kid and this kid a scholarship!"

HEY they'll be joining the likes of "Prospects of America" within 24 months!


I talked to FBU representative on the phone, and to GrassRoots, This camp isn't promising you a scholarship. All they are promising is to get coached up by the former NFL greats like John Fontes ( LB's Coach from Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings), Mike Kruzcak (QB's Steelers player), Glen Smith (WR Coach from Dallas Cowboys), Jim McNally (Greatest OL coach in NFL history), Donnie Henderson (DB coach Ravens, Jets, Lions, Jacksonville), Ken Hall (CFL QB and US Football Hall of Famer), Chris Jackson (Packers/Titans, Holds most Arena League Receiving records), Bo Orlando (DB Houston, San Diego, Pittsburg) etc. These guys are no joke! Google them! These are they guys COACHING at the FBU camp. The brochure says $40/hr for an NFL coach (my dad makes $35/hr and he ain't an NFL'er)! If you are good enough, are these the people to get you into the All-American Bowl? They run it! Dun kno! The founder of FBU IS SPORTSLINK they own every H.S. showcase game, ever heard of the McDonalds All-American Basketball game.....Sportslink! They got a reality show, and they are hooked up with! All they are providing is a platform, the rest is up to me. Always consider the US camps, they give you direct exposure, but if you can afford both, the option is there! I plan on attending, and I gotta get a job to pay for it. I got two years to graduate, I need all the help I can get! lol. Do your research and then form an opinion, or talk to someone who's been! Didn't some kid from Thunder just get back from a Youth bowl. Ray Lewis's son goes, Joe Montana's son goes. nuff said.

BS Part 4:
Thanks for clarifying that. Now the above written is obviously done by Marquart or Lewis from Grassroots.


You guys are full of S**T and all about the money!

Anyone who has seen the All-American Bowl knows it hosts the 80-100 top players in the US. They are ALL 5 Star recruits to Top 25 programs. OH YAH, I know 10 or 20 Canadian kids that could easily play in hat game! LOL!!!

Quote from: HEY on Fri, 15-Jan-10 @ 09:58:49AM

Maybe BS has this confused with the Hawaii camp.  At the Hawaaii camp info was sent out to who attened anything in the last year and said you were invited but if contacted could not tell you why. 
Where as this camp you have to be actually nominated and they actually call and interview you over the phone..

You are soo wrong, they don't call anyone or interview anyone.  I know 3rd stringers who are getting packages and in fact I know a COACH who got a package telling him that he was a top highschool athlete?  They are just pulling names out of their A$$!

$600 way overpriced and it appears they don't even know what they are doing.
nuff said

Dear Mr. BS (and all your parts),

1. Congrats, I see you believe in truth in advertising!

2. This is a football forum. The OP asked a reasonable question. I don't think Ron Dias minds that.

3. Do you have a hidden agenda Mr. BS? Any affiliations (other than the Aryan Brotherhood) you could share with us?

4. If you are a HS benchwarmer then I think FBU is unlikely to be your gig. Might I suggest remedial English instead?

5. Making money is not all bad as you will see when (and if) you grow up, on the other hand you could get a part time job and try FBU. If you still think it sucks then you will have a shred of credibility (look it up).

6. If this is FBU's first appearance in Canada and they don't deliver they won't come back because they will be exposed as a ripoff by attendees, likely on this forum.

7. So, Mr. BS, switch to decaf.



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