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Author Topic: US Prep Schools  (Read 119 times)
Prep School Info?
« on: Thu, 06-Dec-18 @ 01:58:40PM »
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My son has the opportunity to attend a US prep school next year to play football.  In terms of football, it is a great opportunity for him.  In regards to academics, it seems the school is well regarded also.  Obviously like many of our children, he thinks he will turn this into a NCAA scholarship.  The reality is that this will most likely not happen and he will be coming back north of the border for university.

I have two questions.  Does anyone with experience in the US prep schools know if kids have any difficult hurdles or challenges after doing high school (American curriculum) in the states and then trying to apply to university in Canada?

Secondly, does playing in the states inhibit exposure to Canadian universities for football.  He would miss the rep season for the most part because he would be away at school.

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Game on
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 06-Dec-18 @ 08:46:40PM »
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"opportunity?" - you pay for Prep School, it is expensive, how is it an opportunity? opportunity means it does not cost a small fortune
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Simple choice
« Reply #2 on: Thu, 06-Dec-18 @ 09:00:21PM »
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If it’s costing you a lot of money to send him to a prep school and you’re being realistic saying your son is not D1 quality and will end up playing Canadian uni ball then this is a no brainer.  Don’t send him.  Finish his schooling in Canada, lift weights, go to camps, etc and save that money for his university tuition.
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« Reply #3 on: Fri, 07-Dec-18 @ 08:41:34AM »
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It is a big decision you have and one that we were faced with too.
Not all prep schools are the same. We chose one with an academic history of being one of the top ten schools in the United States and that play in a very tough football league,however the team itself being one of the bottom of that league.
If it was strictly for football,I would have sent him to another school to get the exposure.
I looked at it as getting an elite private school education at a greatly discounted price due to their subsidy from their endowment.
If you feel that he is an elite athlete I would suggest a school with a top football program to get exposure to D1 schools, if you feel D1 is unlikely but want the prep experience look to those schools that have a been recognized as such although they do have stringent educational requirements and he will have to do testing.
Canadian universities recognize all of these schools so that is not an issue if he ends up going back to Canada for his post secondary.
On a positive note, he will get to play against some incredible players,it is just such a higher level of football.

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