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Author Topic: Centennial HC Garth Melrose resigns, Facebook down, Vandals  (Read 911 times)
Writing on wall
« Reply #20 on: Thu, 06-Dec-18 @ 09:19:25PM »
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Attention All Good Centennial Players

If the above post does not scare you it should. Start asking how to transfer to another Div 1 team based on academic reasons.

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« Reply #21 on: Fri, 07-Dec-18 @ 12:21:16AM »
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taking the football facebook page down that has been there for years looks like someone's blew a gasket at the centennial vape cafe
makes it look like they "forfeited" all of their games, when they had just one forfeit, which in turn "forfeits" the right to throw a hissy fit over a quitting coach? more concerned with taking endless photos of players making faces on sidelines than playing tough football  #SoftySoft
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9 South High Schools Math
« Reply #22 on: Fri, 07-Dec-18 @ 12:46:09AM »
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Football Player Math:

High School Football Calgary is based on totally unequal playing field, Bantam 30-40 years ago could supply maybe just enough players, it cannot now, most teams have to get inexperienced players to try to pick up the game fast
Cent Coach quits due to exceptional math ability & can read tea leaves and peer into crystal ball, sees the future not bright 

South Calgary = 3 Bantam Teams in entire South
Bulldogs, Colts, Stampeders - each team graduates say 20 of 35 roster players per year

3 X 20 Graduated players = 60 players split up into 9 High Schools per year, average of 6.5 players per High School team with 9 teams dividing 60 players. Some Bantam players quit football.   

High Schools with Football Teams in South:

1) Bishop Grandin

2) Wise Wood

3) Lord Beaverbrook

4, 5) EP Scarlett & Central (2)

6) Bishop O'Byrne

7) Centennial

Cool Cardinal-Schubert

9) All-Saints 

MATH = BAD for even building a good team, never mind a "powerhouse", more teams need to either drop football or merge teams

This is almost impossible to overcome - fact

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tough go in the CHSAA
« Reply #23 on: Fri, 07-Dec-18 @ 03:16:05PM »
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It is obvious melrose left because of all the out of area kids that were denied and the fact he had to head coach both teams because there were no other teachers. Burn out is real - good on Francis and Notre dame for actually supporting football. nothing wrong with a three team division 1, let the other schools have fun and compete against other non supported teams.
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the pathetics
« Reply #24 on: Fri, 07-Dec-18 @ 03:59:33PM »
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stupid take - the coyotes are well supported, go back to one of the two HS places u are spewing from because that is asinine and insane
the usual, usual pathetics, he certainly recruited the wrong guys at certain positions especially the most important position
there was no "both" teams in 2018 and coaches at other schools coach "both teams", he's a phys ed teacher, not a professor at Harvard
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3 team Dummy
« Reply #25 on: Fri, 07-Dec-18 @ 07:21:35PM »
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the "three team league" is the most continuous and dumbest post always, showing these ppl have no idea what youth sport is about 

try to imagine a "three team league' in high school Basketball in Div 1 because none of the three teams in football would be in the basketball top 3 because they suck at basketball, and one of the teams is in Div 3 for almost every sport

3 teams Boys Rugby

3 teams Sr Girls Basketball

only crazy ppl post this stuff
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Saint F
« Reply #26 on: Fri, 07-Dec-18 @ 11:33:23PM »
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You’re not that smart and you don’t read the whole “ Super League “ thread

Yes there are only 3 teams from Calgary
Saint Francis
At least you got that correct

But the Super League is a Provincial wide league also comprised of
Lloyd this years tier 2 winner

Each year the loser of the pool is kicked out and the new tier 2 winner is added.

Funds come from the teams AND all other schools playing Football ( pay to have the chance to play.....maybe)

Do you get it now?
If not maybe I can schedule at time for you to go back to grade 1 and learn from a teacher

People here are so stupid

Get recruited
Get transferred
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Di Lusion Elle
« Reply #27 on: Sat, 08-Dec-18 @ 12:03:36AM »
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there's no Super League and never will be that's a stolen plot line from a tv show there Coach Taylor, some whiskey induced hallucination by an old guy dreaming of some alternate reality where canadian football is not bad 2nd rate, rest assured it is 2nd rate,
completing a pass downfield is an arduous chore even in division 1, you are not smart enough or good enough, just drunk talk
the latest from the brown crazies, seek professional help for your delusions because they get worse & worse obviously
the efforts will be focused in keeping the high school leagues going despite the selfish cheating destroyers that care about themselves only
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« Reply #28 on: Sat, 08-Dec-18 @ 08:08:11PM »
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Funds come from the teams AND all other schools playing Football ( pay to have the chance to play.....maybe)

How much money do you think these schools have? Francis and ND's athletic budget is stretched as thin as it gets. They could barely afford to replace the 8 or so helmets every year let alone the bus ride to Shouldice, now you're asking them to bus to Edmonton once or twice a year and to Lethbridge, Raymond, Lloyd, Okatokes, eventually its gonna mean hotel rooms if some team makes it from the far north. youre not looking at the logistics of this my friend. I don't see how this is possible with a sport like football where the funding is as limited as it is.
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« Reply #29 on: Sat, 08-Dec-18 @ 09:34:25PM »
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that's because they are living in their own little la la land where brown is the colour of choice, it is just dumb blathering to dumber
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