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Author Topic: Merging Teams in Div 1 Sr High Football to Counter St Francis  (Read 2907 times)
Can’t fix dumbererer
« Reply #40 on: Fri, 22-Jun-18 @ 08:12:51AM »
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the illiterate returns to the board, big Buffoon wants to be violent, with SOME EXCEPTIONS they do not as a rule play football
there are cultures put a priority on studying and music over sports, that is fact, go do some research, they value their kids getting into higher education over sport they don't fully understand, go to any university 3 weeks before classes start in the fall and you will see them studying in groups to get ahead of the semester when no one else is there - fact
the sports participation numbers for certain cultures are lower, this is fact for a whole host of reasons as they are uncomfortable with sports they have no knowledge of - the govt even pays to try to get them out hiking & camping because they have fear of it
tough guy, get out and watch different high level sports and you will see who is involved in those sports
calling names when the facts are everywhere, go bear hunting hero

speaking of bears, a lot of immigrants have a fear of the wilderness & hiking & fishing, want to fight about it? go fight with the Toronto Star

Argue with the facts in the Globe and Mail on the miserable Sport Participation rates and New Canadians

"This is the era of nature-deficit disorder. No wonder the title of ParticipAction's 2015 report is "The Biggest Risk is Keeping Kids Indoors." Canadian kids today, they say, get a D-minus when it comes to overall physical activity. In the critical five- to 11-year-old age group, only 7 per cent are getting the recommended 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous daily activity.
As for 12- to 17-year-olds, it's even worse: a pitiful 5 per cent."

"New Canadians have been slow to embrace camping and canoe tripping and, given all the demographic projections, it is here where most population growth and opportunity will be found. If the country's parks wish to maintain usage levels or, even better, expand them, it will be in attracting first- and second-generation Canadians. Their children might be more interested in playing Pokemon than catching frogs."

Most of all be quiet when you have no idea of what you are spewing off about.

The way the media writes about it and the way you write about it can be read different ways.

You need to take a writing class. Or you are that ignorant

Sorry folks, we can’t moderate this site
We can’t fix dumb
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« Reply #41 on: Fri, 22-Jun-18 @ 01:47:28PM »
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you are a complete idiot who has no idea what splurts off his unstable fingers onto the board, seek medical attention for your psychological disorders
the blather you "thunk" out has no basis in actual reality
thunk the drunk
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« Reply #42 on: Fri, 22-Jun-18 @ 04:48:51PM »
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Lol. Somehow there is always someone who wants that dumber trophy

Ok thunk. You win u win. We don’t want to argue with u. It’s yours. Lol
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« Reply #43 on: Fri, 22-Jun-18 @ 08:41:03PM »
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Most dominant Texas High School football programs in the MaxPreps era

1. Carroll (Southlake) - 313 points
Overall record: 126-15
The Dragons have been Texas' most dominant team since 2004, racking up four state titles and 10 Top 25 finishes, three of which were No. 1 finishes.

2. Trinity (Euless) - 288
Overall record: 125-18
Trinity has compiled six Top 5 finishes, claiming three state championships in the process.

3. Katy - 284
Overall record: 138-12
Katy has captured three state titles and finished in the Top 20 eight times since 2004.

4. Lake Travis (Austin) - 270
Overall record: 123-14
The Cavaliers claimed five consecutive state championship victories from 2007-11, notching three undefeated seasons along the way.

5. Allen - 231
Overall record: 119-15
Allen has finished with the No. 1 ranking six times, capturing a state title
6. Aledo - 196
Overall record: 125-21
Aledo has captured four state titles and finished in the Top 10 four times.

7. Carthage - 174
Overall record: 108-27
An undefeated season in 2009 helped the Bulldogs claim one of their four state championships since 2004.

8. Cedar Hill - 170
Overall record: 100-31
The Longhorns capped an undefeated season in 2006 by winning a state title and claiming the No. 2 ranking.

9. Longview - 154
Overall record: 111-25
Since 2004 Longview has recorded eight Top 25 finishes and two runner-up finishes.

10. Guyer (Denton) - 138
Overall record: 76-35
Guyer lays claim to four Top 25 finishes and two 4A Division I state championships.

11. Gilmer - 135
Overall record: 124-15
The Buckeyes have won two state titles, both times finishing the year undefeated.

12. Daingerfield - 130
Overall record: 104-32
Over the past 10 years, the Tigers have notched three state title victories as well as one runner-up finish.

13. Celina - 129
Overall record: 120-19
Celina lays claim to two state championships and two runner-up finishes.

14. Abilene - 109
Overall record: 104-26
A state title victory and No. 1 finish capped an undefeated season for the Eagles in 2009.

15. Mart - 101
Overall record: 115-26
Despite cracking the Top 25 just once, the Panthers lay claim to two state titles and two runner-up finishes.

16. Liberty Hill - 96
Overall record: 100-27
Liberty Hill won back-to-back state championships from 2006-07, recording a perfect season in 2007.

17. Wimberley - 91
Overall record: 97-34
The Texans have twice capped undefeated seasons by capturing state championships.

18. Argyle - 90
Overall record: 111-25
The Eagles lay claim to one state title and two runner-up finishes since 2004.

18. Highland Park (Dallas) - 90
Overall record: 117-14
A perfect season in 2005 assisted the Scots in capturing their lone state title in the past 10 years.

20. Steele (Cibolo) - 87
Overall record: 89-18
Steele has cracked the Top 25 three times, winning one state title and finishing as the runner-up another time.
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Big Dawgs
« Reply #44 on: Fri, 22-Jun-18 @ 08:51:01PM »
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How the Big Fish swim

10 Biggest High School Football Stadiums in Texas

To say that Texans love football would be an understatement. Texans love football the way Johnny loved June. The religious-like attendance at high school football games all across Texas is a testament to devotion to the sport.

The passion can get even more intense the further you get from the city. When traveling through small-town Texas on a Friday night in the Fall, it’s liable to seem like a ghost town unless you happen to pass the stadium, and the only stations you’ll get out in the boonies will be gospel, country and broadcasts of high school football games.

Obviously, when you love something as fervently as Texans love football, you build shrines to it, and in Texas those shrines come in the form of multimillion-dollar football stadiums that would make some NFL teams jealous. Katy Independent School District in Mckinney, Texas, for example, built its high school a new stadium that came with a $72 million price tag. Dubbed “Legacy Stadium,” the venue is the largest of its kind in America. Some of these monoliths are in the big cities, but some are pretty isolated. Here are 10 of the biggest Texas high school football stadiums.*

10. Burger Stadium in Austin- 15,000 capacity
Built in 1975, the Tony Burger Activity Center and Stadium is the home field of four high schools in the Austin Independent School District. Named for celebrated Austin High School coach Elton Toney “Coach” Burger, the Toney Burger Activity Center and Stadium was christened two years after it opened.

9. Stallworth Stadium in Baytown - 16,500 capacity
Built in 1969, Stallworth Stadium in Baytown, Texas, is the largest high school stadium in the Houston area. Home to three high schools in the Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District, Stallworth can seat over 16,000 fans.

8. San Angelo Stadium in San Angelo - 17,500 capacity
Stuck out in the middle of three different interstates, the isolation of the town of San Angelo may cause you to mistake it for a small town, but small it is not. The city is home to almost 100,000 residents and three high schools, all of which call the San Angelo Stadium home. The stadium was built in 1956 and was one of the first horseshoe shaped stadiums built in Texas. Photos of San Angelo Stadium once hung in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City as an ideal example of what was considered modern engineering at the time.

7. Ratliff Stadium in Odessa - 17,900 capacity
Due to the popularity of the movie and television show “Friday Night Lights”, most Americans are aware of the fervency of football in Odessa, Texas. The home stadium to the Odessa Bronchos and the Permian Panthers, Ratliff Stadium was built in 1982 and lost about 1,500 seats after a renovation in the early 2000s, which cleaned up the turf and brought the stadium into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

6. Buccaneer Stadium in Corpus Christi - 18,000 capacity
Corpus Christi Buccaneer Stadium was built in 1938 and can hold over 18,000 football fans on any given Friday night in the Fall. The home field of Roy Miller High School, Buccaneer Stadium once hosted a 1997 playoff game between Calallen and La Marque that drew over 23,000 fans. For that game, extra, temporary seating had to be brought in.

5. Allen Eagle Stadium in Allen - 18,000 capacity
The Allen Eagle Stadium cost around $59.6 million to build and opened in 2012. At the time of its opening, the stadium boasted a jumbotron and concessions that offered Chick-fil-A and Texas barbecue, among other amenities not normally found at high school football games. Within 18 months of the stadium’s debut, cracks and major structural faults were found all throughout the stadium, and it was subsequently closed in February 2014. The architectural firm that originally built the stadium funded its repairs, and it reopened in May 2015, just in time to host graduation.

4. Farrington Field in Fort Worth - 18,500 capacity
Owned by Fort Worth Independent School District and opened in 1939, Farrington Field is one of Texas’s largest and oldest operating high school football stadiums in the state. The stadium is shared by several high schools in the area.

3. Alamo Stadium in San Antonio - about 18,500 capacity
Alamo Stadium is home to eight high schools in the San Antonio Independent School District which accounts for its oversized seating capacity. Dubbed the “rock pile” by locals for its limestone construction, the stadium underwent massive renovations in 2011 which reduced its seating capacity, thereby unseating it as Texas’s largest high school football stadium.

2. Memorial Stadium in Mesquite - 20,000 capacity
Another monolithic stadium in Texas is Memorial Stadium in Mesquite. The Dallas suburb shares the jumbo field between all five of the high schools in Mesquite. The stadium has been in operation since 1976 and is often used as a neutral location to host state playoff games due to its size.

1. Toyota Stadium in Frisco - 20,500 capacity
Though Toyota Stadium was built primarily as a professional soccer field, its use as the football stadium for Frisco High School gets it admission to this list. The stadium opened in 2005 and was the home field of FC Dallas, the professional soccer team in Dallas. During football season, Toyota Stadium hosts the football games of Frisco Independent School District’s seven high school teams.

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North Plague
« Reply #45 on: Fri, 22-Jun-18 @ 11:50:12PM »
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at least in Texas the football leagues are really healthy not a BROKEN CORRUPT HIGH SCHOOL SYSTEM like Calgary, rotten to the core 
could not find more unethical humans than the folk of the northern plague anywhere
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« Reply #46 on: Sat, 23-Jun-18 @ 08:07:47AM »
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That’s why Div1 schools play Provincially. And then Div 2/3 play locally in some local league

Just like “Texas” model

Sounds familiar! It is called Hockey AAA

Elitism. ND in the North, STF in the West, WW in the South, pick a HS in the East say MCNally. Tryouts. Larger fees. Yearly cuts. Did I say large fees. 365days of playing. Larger fees

Welcome to the hockey way
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STF Brown
« Reply #47 on: Sat, 23-Jun-18 @ 09:37:13AM »
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This is a great read with my Saturday morning coffee. I think I can speak for all Browns. We are deeply touched, humbled and verklempt to be honoured in this way. To feel that it will take schools combining together to aspire to become us. To see the rest of Calgary striving to reach the highest pedestal that we have reached numerous times. To see Calgary schools embracing recruiting and forming a strong unbroken bond with a chosen youth football association

We thank you for all your kind words. With delight we appreciate how other teams are trying to copy us.

Please keep striving. NEVER EVER give up! Or was it GIVE UP. I am not sure?

Good luck in your upcoming Bantam after game recruiting talks. See you at Shouldice. P.S. Please see your personal Brown Coach for your very special ST Francis cap. Early signings will receive their Hoodies immediately
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« Reply #48 on: Sat, 23-Jun-18 @ 10:04:32AM »
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This is a great read with my Saturday morning coffee. I think I can speak for all Browns. We are deeply touched, humbled and verklempt to be honoured in this way. To feel that it will take schools combining together to aspire to become us. To see the rest of Calgary striving to reach the highest pedestal that we have reached numerous times. To see Calgary schools embracing recruiting and forming a strong unbroken bond with a chosen youth football association

We thank you for all your kind words. With delight we appreciate how other teams are trying to copy us.

Please keep striving. NEVER EVER give up! Or was it GIVE UP. I am not sure?

Good luck in your upcoming Bantam after game recruiting talks. See you at Shouldice. P.S. Please see your personal Brown Coach for your very special ST Francis cap. Early signings will receive their Hoodies immediately

I would like to add the ingenuity of the Cowboys. To take both Bantam teams and combining them to form a team to win back the Div 1 Provincial title for ALL Calgary Bantam Teams to enjoy is brilliant. All the while keeping the existing territory. And to start gelling next years Francis Grade 10s, well we can only say thank you for your sacrifice.

On a side note: and it is great that some people from other teams think it is now advantage them. 😂 lol

These are all great examples what other associations and schools need to do to compete. Btw. Don’t bother trying to recruit any cowboys Bantam player. They have already signed their letter of intent to go to Francis. Oops another special way we embrace our recruits
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« Reply #49 on: Sat, 23-Jun-18 @ 03:09:32PM »
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No MORE No More WW
« Reply #50 on: Sat, 23-Jun-18 @ 03:20:09PM »
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Get this through your thick cement like cranium WW pumper. That team has won nothing in a DECADE since Centennial and Bishop O'Byrne showed up in the South as new High Schools.
The last team from the South to win Division 1 Cities was Bishop O'Byrne in 2011.
WW will show up this year with 25-30 players, many of them mediocre filler, once Cent and BOB came on the scene WW no longer got enough good players from the southern districts which somehow they had been able to do 20 years ago. NO

Those days are over & they just lost present and future players that were being bussed to the school to "Cardinal Schubert" a new Public high school, . 

It is done. Over. Be quiet.

AGAIN: That team WW has won nothing in a DECADE since Centennial and Bishop O'Byrne showed up in the South as new High Schools. They do not get the players to compete they were once able to get, but they still keep lying to parents and players and screwing the players up when they do get a few decent ones.

The End. 
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« Reply #51 on: Sat, 23-Jun-18 @ 03:37:04PM »
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WW has the same amount of rings in the last decade as forest lawn.
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« Reply #52 on: Sat, 23-Jun-18 @ 05:11:51PM »
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My haters are back
Luv ya

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« Reply #53 on: Sat, 23-Jun-18 @ 06:42:57PM »
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Hatred would imply some type of jealousy?

I don't think anyone is jealous of WW. Cheating and losing are the signs of a loser and no one hates a loser. We laugh at them.

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Not toooo smart
« Reply #54 on: Sat, 23-Jun-18 @ 07:25:58PM »
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That’s actually not the definition of hatred.

U stupid and a hater

Luv ya and trying not to laugh at u

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Clue less
« Reply #55 on: Sat, 23-Jun-18 @ 07:39:38PM »
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Bunch of old men telling all Grade 9s don’t Do this. Go to your designate, be a good boy, resist the recruit, be humble, no trash talk. Hope for parity, the system will fix it all one day.

Question to old men. What are the odds 15 yr olds listen to your trolling rants or do the exact opposite.

Shut up. Your fueling the flames idiots. 6pm aren’t you suppose to be sleeping anyways
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« Reply #56 on: Sat, 23-Jun-18 @ 08:23:50PM »
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As opposed to how WW tell G9s.

Don't goto your designated schools, be a bad bod, let us recruit you, don't be humble and do trash talk.

Coaches in the states have an excuse to recruit, their jobs depend on it, they actually get paid for it, its slimy but there's a reason. 

Here, coaches have no reason to recruit and the only reason teams recruit is to feed your own coaches egos.

Just a bunch of pathetic old men trying to hold onto their pride. Here's what sad, its not like WW coaches don't know what they're doing. They know fully well and that's what makes them so pathetic, aint no one trying to morally justify inducing a 14 year old.

Enjoy your 2 win season. Better luck next year.

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« Reply #57 on: Sun, 24-Jun-18 @ 11:12:04AM »
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WW ND STF I agree know exactly what to do and say to recruit players. They use various tactics

The other schools have no clue. They think a friendly smile and hand shake by the coach is good enough. They think a special personal invite to tour their school is good enough. They think telling the player he will start as a grade 11 player in Senior and the playbook will be about him is good enough

Well it is not. Get better other schools.
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Shhhh it is Over
« Reply #58 on: Sun, 24-Jun-18 @ 02:30:11PM »
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your dumbass HC got suspended for having an out of town player sleeping at his house. Got caught.
Centeniial and O'Byrne split the talent in the south, now two more high schools Schubert & All Saints are splitting the players in the south.
You will NEVER win anything again and no one can remember the last time that team won anything anyway it was so long ago. Dogs Bantam is not a top level team lately and their players get split 4 ways. Stamps players who sucked in Bantam & Midget will be split and playing for new schools based on their districts where they live. Just be quiet and try not to be so obnoxious in your upcoming 2 win season.
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Mr. delicious
« Reply #59 on: Sun, 24-Jun-18 @ 07:41:40PM »
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Remember when the Hilltoppers beat the cowboys in div 1 midget finals.
Man cowboys /Francis were butt hurt
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