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Author Topic: Merging Teams in Div 1 Sr High Football to Counter St Francis  (Read 2908 times)
« Reply #140 on: Wed, 27-Jun-18 @ 06:01:17PM »
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Compare apples to apples

A football skill player vs a AAA Midget player
For example Best football athlete I’ve seen was Colton Hunchak.  Great athlete in other sports, top three in track.

 So happen a AAA midget player also went to ND. He was embarrassing in phy ed. Physical testing day maybe 70%. The football player high 90s

What is your comeback now
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Really though
« Reply #141 on: Wed, 27-Jun-18 @ 06:35:21PM »
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It is only high school football....... in Canada, where all the truly elite athletes play hockey. Let's not make it into a huge thing. School is way more important. I love how the Browns, Pride and WW supporters seem to think they are the Katy Tigers. bahahaaha They couldn't win against a team of 15 year olds from Texas. Canadian scholarships only save you a little money, thankfully I have an education and a career that has given me the opportunity to put my kids through college so they won't have debt. I would encourage some of the poster here to put down their phones and maybe pick up a book, that will take you further than football or working out. If you meet my kid at university, he will be the one that used to play football and is on the honour roll.

Goals people, goals.

Lol your kid is the one in the stands wishing he was my kid who by the way is an academic all Canadian

Go f yourself and your quitter son

Easy there keyboard warrior. Everyone is a tough guy when they are out of physical reach. Sounds like your kid is quite an exceptional young man, you may want to follow his lead.
My kid is an average football player, which is fine with me. He will make way more money in the family business then he ever would in football. I can assure you my kid would never wish to be your kid, his life is set, all he has to do is succeed in school and he will have a great life.

Again, this is high school football in Canada. What division do you think the best calgary team would play in Texas or Oklahoma! Hahaha clown.

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IQ of 47
« Reply #142 on: Wed, 27-Jun-18 @ 06:44:29PM »
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anyone who uses 1 player as an "example" when the topic involves MILLIONS  of youth players is too stupid for words, no surprise here, trying to hopelessly argue that little old bush league HS football does NOT lose top athletes to to other sports hockey included  

ceiling for a Canadian CFL football player is about $70,000 & average is $50,000, the only reason there is Canadians in the CFL is they are protected by the "National" ratio, otherwise American players would take every last one of their jobs & it would be better football

ceiling for a Canadian NHL player is about $7.0 million to put it on the lower end for a top player, they can make up to $13.8 million - Towes

the old scientific 'one guy" study Lol

reality check - what colour is the moon on your planet?
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Sure bud
« Reply #143 on: Wed, 27-Jun-18 @ 09:03:16PM »
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So now we’re saying since nhl players make way more than cfl players the midget aaa player is a far superior athlete compared to the  high school football player

Now there is a stretch

We are all stupid and agree with you. Lol

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No Cure 4 Stupidity
« Reply #144 on: Wed, 27-Jun-18 @ 09:29:07PM »
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truly "No Cure for Stupidity" and "Sure bud" is another illiterate board poster boy illustrating that, Calgary high school football is bush league
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« Reply #145 on: Thu, 28-Jun-18 @ 03:47:40PM »
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And your the poster always hating on Calgary football. Demolish it, bush league etc...

We get it you hate Calgary football.

Now leave this site and. Never return. Why are you here in the first place? Do you think posting on here will make everyone stop playing Football bc u said so

Wanna see the face of stupid. Stand in front of a mirror.
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« Reply #146 on: Thu, 28-Jun-18 @ 06:16:19PM »
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almost made it 1 day with no posts but 1 guy just has to put in his worthless two cents, everyone knows what calgary fb is but all there is
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bad grammar too
« Reply #147 on: Thu, 28-Jun-18 @ 06:26:49PM »
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Oh no, now have to remind again of 40 plus years of cheating, not "everyone cheats", you cheat, there is ample proof every year

Proof that St Francis cheats using a variety of means that renders Calgary Div 1 Football to be an ongoing farce in terms of fair competition. If you are new or not these stats are disturbing.  

Outlined below, it is not any sort of normal situation that over the past 43 years since 1975, that the St Francis High School Div 1 program in a constantly changing neighborhood demographic in city of of over 1.3 million people has been able to win 55.81% of City Championships in a Div 1 that has had up to 8 teams in it. They have won 24 of 43 Div 1 City Titles since 1975. That is IMPOSSIBLE under fair competition.

Time to let actual statistics do the talking. When something is not likely or probable in the calculation of statistics, then some unknown or Outlier is having an influence to skew the statistics. It is not coaching.      

City of Calgary Division 1 High School City Championships, the truth is here but is UGLY  

2017 - St. Francis Browns
2016 - St. Francis Browns
2015 - St. Francis Browns
2014 - ND
2013 - ND
2012 - ND
2011 - Bishop OB
2010 - ND

2007 - St. Francis Browns
2005 - St. Francis Browns
2004 - St. Francis Browns
2003 - St. Francis Browns
2002 - St. Francis Browns

1998 - St. Francis Browns
1997 - St. Francis Browns
1996 - St. Francis Browns
1995 - St. Francis Browns
1992 - St. Francis Browns
1990 - St. Francis Browns

1989 - St. Francis Browns
1988 - St. Francis Browns
1987 - St. Francis Browns
1985 - St. Francis Browns
1982 - St. Francis Browns

1979 - St. Francis Browns
1978 - St. Francis Browns
1977 - St. Francis Browns
1976 - St. Francis Browns
1975 - St. Francis Browns

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« Reply #148 on: Thu, 28-Jun-18 @ 06:55:51PM »
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almost made it 1 day with no posts but 1 guy just has to put in his worthless two cents, everyone knows what calgary fb is but all there is

You must  be referring to your worthless post
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