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Author Topic: 2018 Sr Div 1 Calgary High School Schedule posted  (Read 1949 times)
Ainlay Air
« Reply #20 on: Sat, 19-May-18 @ 10:36:34PM »
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ND quite often has very small DB's - that is where they put the little guys they always have, if Ainlay is serious about winning a pre-season game it won't be 77-0, but it could be by a lot of TD's, as ND won't be able to cover Ainlay's receivers 
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hold on
« Reply #21 on: Sat, 19-May-18 @ 10:53:23PM »
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Totally disagree. Even though its a “pre season game”, teams still take it very seriously. The reason being that pride is on the line as well as bragging rights, and these games are taken into consideration in the national and provincial rankings too. To me its a sticky situation for ainley, as in if they win, everyone will say oh its just a preseason game, but if they lose, everyone will say doom and gloom. That being said, I think ainley wins by 3 TDs. 31-10
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As Prev
« Reply #22 on: Sat, 19-May-18 @ 11:41:46PM »
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the little wee ND DB's as PREVIOUSLY POINTED OUT will not be able to cover Ainlay's receivers - Ajou can beat them with size alone all day even though he's not a speed burner, ND's offense & QB is average as well 
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Silly Szn
« Reply #23 on: Sun, 20-May-18 @ 12:27:55AM »
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there should not be "National Rankings" it's silly, these High School teams all over the country in Canada will never ever play each other, it just encourages cheating, a stupid idea from a bunch of US pretend wannabes, US High School top division teams would mop the floor with any and all Canadian High School teams by 50 points minimum
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Not Poss
« Reply #24 on: Tue, 22-May-18 @ 07:56:19PM »
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They have won 24 of 43 Senior Div 1 City Titles since 1975. IMPOSSIBLE under fair competition.

When something is not likely or probable in the calculation of statistics, then some unknown is having an influence to skew. It is not coaching. There is only one explanation.   

34 of 43 years St Francis has won 1 of the 2 City Championships - 79.07% of the time which is a statistical long shot

2017 - St. Francis Browns Sr - plus Junior
2016 - St. Francis Browns Sr
2015 - St. Francis Browns Sr
2014 - ND - St. Francis Browns Junior
2013 - ND - St. Francis Browns Junior
2012 - ND - St. Francis Browns Junior
2011 - Bishop O'Byrne
2010 - ND

2007 - St. Francis Browns Sr.
2005 - St. Francis Browns Sr
2004 - St. Francis Browns Sr - plus Junior
2003 - St. Francis Browns Sr - plus Junior
2002 - St. Francis Browns Sr - plus Junior

1998 - St. Francis Browns Sr - plus Junior
1997 - St. Francis Browns Sr - plus Junior
1996 - St. Francis Browns Sr - plus Junior
1995 - St. Francis Browns Sr
1993 - St. Francis Browns Junior
1992 - St. Francis Browns Sr
1991 - St. Francis Browns Junior
1990 - St. Francis Browns Sr

1989 - St. Francis Browns Sr
1988 - St. Francis Browns Sr
1987 - St. Francis Browns Sr
1986 - St. Francis Browns Junior
1985 - St. Francis Browns Sr - plus Junior
1984 - St. Francis Browns Junior
1983 - St. Francis Browns Junior
1982 - St. Francis Browns Sr

1979 - St. Francis Browns Sr - plus Junior
1978 - St. Francis Browns Sr
1977 - St. Francis Browns Sr 
1976 - St. Francis Browns Sr - plus Junior
1975 - St. Francis Browns Sr   
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Poor Show
« Reply #25 on: Tue, 22-May-18 @ 11:57:48PM »
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incredibly poor Calgary Football, allowing this to go on and on
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« Reply #26 on: Fri, 25-May-18 @ 07:38:32AM »
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Only 1
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D Burn
« Reply #27 on: Fri, 01-Jun-18 @ 09:23:09PM »
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some high school teams are headed for some trouble based on the way a bunch of their players played in the Spring League, like D players getting burned, like QB who cannot complete a pass, like injured RB's, it all carries over with most of the same ppl involved  
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« Reply #28 on: Sat, 02-Jun-18 @ 10:11:45AM »
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You can see why the UofC ramped up recruiting the last 3 yrs because the ne t few years will be very very slim pickins. The biggest drought of talent in Calgary the next few years.

Expect other than Calgary winning Provincials the next few years. The tide has turned
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freddys back
« Reply #29 on: Wed, 27-Jun-18 @ 04:55:14PM »
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With the Hilltoppers winning the Div I Midget this year , I predict a game a bit closer than 77-0  between ND and Ainlay.
It is a pre-season game and both coaches will want to try out all their players , but the kids will still wanna win.
I figure a 27-21 game. Only because the 2nd and 3rd stringers will get game time and allow some late game points.
Is it in Calgary. I would like to see that one.
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