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Topic Summary
Posted on: Sun, 18-Nov-12 @ 05:17:24PM
Posted by: 20/20
Hindsight and all...

It would have been crappy if he got hurt.  But other than the dirty cheapshots early on him in the game, and some coverage sacks, no one on the Calgary D was demonstrating they COULD hit him, let alone hurt him. 

Mac was throwing guys around like ragdolls all night, rookie running backs were trucking supposed 'physical' monsters from Calgary.

Quinlan is important, hell yes, but he isn't made of glass.  He's been taking and giving hits his entire career without any significant injury. 
Posted on: Sun, 18-Nov-12 @ 05:09:11PM
Posted by: Last Game
You would have a different opinion of Quinlan got injured essentially making it his last game of the season. Give me a break - still believe Quinlan seeing any playing time in the 4th Q was foolish and risky
Posted on: Sun, 18-Nov-12 @ 01:14:32PM
Posted by: Are you kidding me?
Half the D line was subbed out.  The entire secondary, save Cupido, were out.  There were two LBs rotated through the entire game.  On offense, there are effectively 7 'starters' at the receiving positions, and they rotated a boatload of RBs in the game.  The best rush of the day arguably came late from Wayne Moore, a true freshman.

You can question Quinlan staying in late, but that was his last game at Ron Joyce, and he's deserved it.

Ptaszek and the MAC system are arguably the BEST in the country at getting young players on to the field.  It's why they have exceptional depth and talent at all positions, and why they have been able to weather injuries to a HEC nominee and rookie of the year this year, which would have crushed virtually anyone else. 

Get your facts together you clown.
Posted on: Sun, 18-Nov-12 @ 01:24:28AM
Posted by: Coach4
Coach P, up by 5 Td's and bulk of the starters still in, take care of the kid's that work hard all year instead of stroking your ego!!!
Posted on: Sun, 18-Nov-12 @ 01:03:01AM
Posted by: western observer
gotta luv the attitude developing in the Mac fans and visible player actions , cant wait for the lunchbox team to get it together.  we all bow down mr cat   for now , next week soon comes.   
Posted on: Sat, 17-Nov-12 @ 08:27:06PM
Posted by: Cat Fan
Well Dino's fans - that was quiet a beat down - somewhere earlier I read a list of 15 reason's why the Dino's were going to mop the field with the Marauders - instead, they actually played the game and guess what happened - Dino's were in the game for the 1st quarter and then they got completely handled - where was that "vaunted" running game? - where was that dominating pass game? Calgary laid an egg today - 1 field goal from approx. 37 yards that barely, and I mean barely cleared the bar, a single point on a missed field (that needed a tackle by facemasking in the endzone to even get that point) and a safety conceded by Mac with about 2 minutes to go. Calgary got dominated - it was almost like Mac knew what play Calgary was going to run when they came to the line of scrimmage and then stuffed it. Calgary continually played undisciplined football - stupid penalty after stupid penalty - and what Mac couldn't take on their own Calgary gave away. Quinlan passed all over your defence (and could have gone for more if not for a couple overthrown passes and a couple drops).  Ben D'Aguilar completely destroyed your offense - he was all over your backfield all afternoon.  Finally, none of this is outlandish speculation or self-important prediction - this is fact.  The outcome of the game speaks for itself - you guys got your clock's cleaned - next time show a little respect.
Posted on: Sat, 17-Nov-12 @ 08:25:56PM
Posted by: The Left Hand
What happened to #93 for Calgary?  Did not see him in the fourth quarter.
Posted on: Sat, 17-Nov-12 @ 07:39:37PM
Posted by: MacNab Grad
Game stats:

Quinlan went 25-35 for 412 yards with 3 TDs and no INT's.
Dzwileski went 10-21 for 144 yards with no TDs or INt's.
Buckley went 10-15 for 66 yards with no TDs and 1 INT.

Lumbala was 14 carries for 39 yards, no TDs.
Forsyth had 11 carries for 51 yards and no TDs.

Babic had 10 receptions for 156 yards with 1 TD
Fochesato had 4 receptions for 113 yards and 1 TD
Brooks had 5 receptions for 90 yards no TD's
DiCroce had 5 receptions for 41 yards and 1 TD.
Nill had 7 receptions for 90 yards and no TD's.
Dobko had 4 catches for 24 yards and no TD's.

Verdone and Edem led Calgary with 7 tackles each, McNeill had 6.
Verdone and Klassen added 2 sacks each.
Eisho had 10 tackles to lead Mac, Ventresca had 9, D'aguilar had 6.
D'aguilar had 3 sacks, Shorthill and Kashak added one each.

Cupido had the lone interception on the day.
Lumbala and Quinlan both fumbled, both recovered by the other team.
Posted on: Sat, 17-Nov-12 @ 07:37:36PM
Posted by: ouatostrong
15 Reasons why Calgary Dinos win the Mitchell Bowl 42 to 21.

1)Calgary has steamrolled the opposition save for 1 game this year in CW.
2)Calgary played its worst game in years last year vs Laval.  Make no mistake this is a very motivated team this year focused on getting back to playing Laval again. They have come east packed for, prepared and planning on staying 10 days through the Vanier.
3)They are a much better team across the board than last year and have much better depth. This is the best team to come out of CW since the 07 Bisons.
4)Lumbala is the best back in the nation and unlike any back that McMaster has faced the past couple of years.  Only back close to him was Varga at the start of last year before he got banged up.
5)He runs behind the best oline in the nation...All Stars Fabien, McEwen, McCaughen and Alexander and Rockhill. All future CFLers.
6)Calgary has a new found pass game lead by a very good zone read QB Dzwilewski who is up for the Hec Crichton.  There is not much difference between him and Quinlan.
7)Their defensive line is very impressive and is the best in the nation.  They do with 3 (Gaydosh, Symons and Klassen) what it takes other teams to do having to use 4.
8)Calgary is the most physical team in the CIS. They thrive on going out and physically dominating people.
9)Calgary has a huge advantage in that their OC Delaval has extensive knowledge of McMaster from his time as HC of the Toronto Varsity Blues and having faced McMaster many times.
10)McMaster has been winning by small scores even against inferior opposition. Every game, against stronger or weaker opponents, they have struggled for a quarter or a half.
11)Quinlan has not played his best for most of this year.  He misses a lot of open receivers and has taken to just running himself.  Not a good idea vs the Calgary defence.
12)McMaster has no where near the running game of Calgary.
13)McMaster's play calling has been very conservative.
14)McMaster needs to keep their 'bend but don't break' defence off the field.
15)McMaster's defence can be scored on in bunches when they do break.

Great prediction buds lol Canada west is a joke compared to the OUA and Laval
Posted on: Sat, 17-Nov-12 @ 07:29:51PM
Posted by: MacNab Grad
McMaster wins 45-6.
Posted on: Sat, 17-Nov-12 @ 07:22:21PM
Posted by: MacNab Grad
Ferguson takes a knee in the endzone...45-6 McMaster with 1:17 to go.
Posted on: Sat, 17-Nov-12 @ 07:18:03PM
Posted by: MacNab Grad
Marshall Ferguson comes into the game with 3:10 to go.
Posted on: Sat, 17-Nov-12 @ 07:11:09PM
Posted by: MacNab Grad
Touchdown McMaster...Quinlan to DiCroce. 45-4 McMaster with 4:41 to go.
Posted on: Sat, 17-Nov-12 @ 07:09:40PM
Posted by: Stupid
Why the heck is Quinlan still in the Game (4th Q)?  Up by 27 Points with the Dino's posing no
offensive effort do not understand why he is still in?  Hope Verdun does not clean his clock in the 4th Q

He is still in the game?  Thought Coach P was smarter than this?  Know they are only going to run the ball but anything can happen!
Posted on: Sat, 17-Nov-12 @ 06:52:05PM
Posted by: MacNab Grad
TD McMaster. 38-4 McMaster with 13:38 to go.
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